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Jerry’s Nugget Pre-Kickstarter Update No. 3


June 28, 2019


Just Three Days Until Launch! 

We’re ready. Are you?  


Here is everything you need to know about pledge tiers before our campaign goes live.

There will be three types of pledge tiers available in the campaign: 

  • Super Early Bird

  • First Day Specials

  • Regular Kickstarter Tiers

So, what are the differences between these three types of pledge tiers and how can you maximize your savings? We’ve outlined a bit more on each of these below. 


*hint: you’ll want to be there on day one. 


Super Early Bird

The best discounts for the very first backers. Come early to make sure you snag one of these tiers!


Pledge tiers for the Super Early Bird will…

  • Be available in limited quantities: 50 – 100 per tier.

  • Have discounts of up to 60% off retail price!

  • Include one, two, and four brick options. 


First Day Special 

Discounted prices available the entire first day of the campaign! 


Pledge tiers for the First Day Special will…

  • Be available for the first 24 hours  

  • Have discounts of up to 45% off retail price!

  • Include options of two decks (one red, one blue), as well as one, two, and four brick tiers. 


Regular Kickstarter Tiers 

Didn’t make it to back the campaign on the first day?

That’s okay! We’ve still got some great options for you.


Pledge tiers for the regular Kickstarter will…

  • Be available throughout the entire campaign! 

  • Have discounts of up to 30% off retail price! 

  • Include options of single decks, two decks (one red, one blue), as well as one, two, and four brick tiers. 


TL;DR – the BEST deals will be available to those who are the first to back our campaign! Set an alarm and make sure to be there the second we launch! 


We hope you’ll join us July 1st at 10 am EST when our Kickstarter campaign goes live.

See you Monday! 
– The EPCC Team


Do you have more questions for us? Leave them in a comment on our Instagram page @jnplayingcards 

Be sure to check back here for more answers, updates, and other information on our Jerry’s Nugget Kickstarter! 

Jerry’s Nugget Pre-Kickstarter Update No. 2

June 18, 2019




Here’s what to expect from our upcoming Kickstarter…


We want everyone to own Jerry’s Nugget Playing Cards.

These brand-new Jerry’s Nugget Playing cards will retail for $12 USD per deck!


There will be a special Kickstarter price of $10 USD per deck but the best deals will be in the early bird specials on day oneThese early bird deals will be the best discounts you’ll receive on our modern Jerry’s.

Make sure you’re there on day 1.

You don’t want to miss out on any of it.



The Expert team has been staying up nights innovating and creating smart features for your enjoyment. Expect several of our stretch goals to break new ground for magic and playing cards. Plus, look for a handful of exciting add-ons as well.

You’ll see.

PRO TIP: Pay close attention to the @jnplayingcards and @expertpcc Instagram accounts for the next 2 weeks. You might unearth some early stretch-goal clues over there.


Finally, allow us to share with you what makes these new Jerry’s Nugget playing cards so wonderful. Sure the special thin-crushed modern stock feels perfect to the touch. But the real secret with these new decks is how USPCC prints them.

Unlike most other custom card runs, these new Jerry’s Nugget decks will print on the best press in the entire factory – THE WEB PRESS!

Without delving into technical details, when we use this press, the cards print, coat and heat cure in line. This is exactly what causes them to feel so good. And, why this unique printing process is the best available way to make cards at USPCC.

How do we know this sort of stuff?

Expert Playing Card Company continually experiments with the printing process. Our goal is to innovate the feel of playing cards. To say we’ve taken years worth of knowledge and injected it into this new Jerry’s Nugget deck, is an understatement!

Wait until you feel these cards. Remember, July 1st is when it all begins.

See you over on KickStarter.


Do you have more questions for us? Leave them in a comment on our Instagram page @jnplayingcards 

Be sure to check back here for more answers, updates, and other information on our Jerry’s Nugget Kickstarter! 

Jerry’s Nugget Pre-Kickstarter Update No. 1

June 6, 2019


Your Questions Answered


We are receiving a lot of questions about our upcoming Kickstarter and we’ll do our best to answer all of them. Be sure to check back later for more updates!


Are the decks Printed already?

– Nope! We did go to great trouble and expense to make a few PREVIEW decks but these are not the production decks.


Are these a limited edition?

– Yes…and no. We will print what we need for distribution of the KS and other orders once the campaign concludes. The tucks will be marked to identify this production run so that they can’t be confused with either the original decks, the preview decks, or any other version that may be printed in the future. Once this run is printed, we will not make any more that are exactly like this again.


What is the point if they aren’t identical with the originals?

– In the 50 years that the originals have been around they have become Iconic, but they have also become very collectible and expensive. This production serves two purposes. One, to bring the feel up to date for today’s tastes (they will be Thin Crushed), and to make them affordable enough for everyday use.


How much will the basic version cost?

– Not expensive! The main goal of this project is to get these cards into everyone’s hands and let everyone experience (and use) Authentic Jerry’s! The official retail price will be $12 per deck (this applies to the main versions – red and blue, thin crushed), and will have a special, discounted price on Kickstarter. Other versions for the Kickstarter will be announced later and will have different pricing.


Will there be any early bird specials?

– Oh yeah. You definitely want to be there first…


Do you have more questions for us? Leave them in a comment on our Instagram page @jnplayingcards 

Be sure to check back here for more answers, updates, and other information on our Jerry’s Nugget Kickstarter! 

Announcing a Collaboration Between

Jerry’s Nugget Casino


Expert Playing Card Company!


Imagine owning a real deck of Jerry’s Nugget playing cards without spending a fortune. You can, and you will.

Sounds impossible, right?

Playing card expert, Lee Asher, spent years building awareness of Jerry’s Nugget decks. At one point, Asher suggested William Kalush of Expert Playing Card Company seek an exclusive license from Jerry’s Nugget Casino to create modern editions. After three years of pursuit and negotiation, we are excited to finally announce the great news.

The impossible becomes possible.

It gets better.

In homage to the original 1970 Jerry’s Nugget decks, we’re keeping the classic aesthetic. We are printing with the original manufacturer, United States Playing Card Company, and while these new Jerry’s Nugget cards won’t feel the same as the originals, we’ve brought them up to date for the modern taste and have gone to great lengths to:

  • Use PREMIUM THIN CRUSHED STOCK for the perfect finish and handling
  • Redraw and match all the original artwork and coloring
  • Produce these new decks on USPCC’s best printing press

Consider these modern Jerry’s Nugget playing cards the 2.0!


July 1st at 10AM (EST-New York), the official Jerry’s Nugget playing card Kickstarter launches.


Our special campaign runs for 30 days, though you won’t want to miss the very first day. While we’re not ruining any surprises, we’ll say you risk missing out BIG TIME by not participating in the initial 24hrs. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!


Mark your calendar for July 1st, 2019 at 10 AM (EST-New York). Be there. Don’t wait until these decks sell out again like the 1970 originals.

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