Imagine owning a real deck of Jerry’s Nugget playing cards without spending a fortune. You can, and you will.
Sounds impossible, right?

Playing card expert, Lee Asher, spent years building awareness of Jerry’s Nugget decks. At one point, Asher suggested William Kalush of Expert Playing Card Company seek an exclusive license from Jerry’s Nugget Casino to create modern editions. After three years of pursuit and negotiation, we are excited to finally announce the great news.
The impossible becomes possible.

It gets better.

In homage to the original 1970 Jerry’s Nugget decks, we’re keeping the classic aesthetic. We are printing with the original manufacturer, United States Playing Card Company, and while these new Jerry’s Nugget cards won’t feel the same as the originals, we’ve brought them up to date for the modern taste and have gone to great lengths to:

  • Use PREMIUM THIN CRUSHED STOCK for the perfect finish and handling
  • Redraw and match all the original artwork and coloring
  • Produce these new decks on USPCC’s best printing press

Consider these modern Jerry’s Nugget playing cards the 2.0!

July 1st at 10 AM (EST-New York), the official Jerry’s Nugget playing card Kickstarter launches.

Our special campaign runs for 30 days, though you won’t want to miss the very first day. While we’re not ruining any surprises, we’ll say you risk missing out BIG TIME by not participating in the initial 24hrs.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Mark your calendar for July 1st, 2019 at 10 AM (EST-New York). Be there. Don’t wait until these decks sell out again like the 1970 originals.