Your Questions Answered

We are receiving a lot of questions about our upcoming Kickstarter and we’ll do our best to answer all of them. Be sure to check back later for more updates!

Are the decks Printed already?
– Nope! We did go to great trouble and expense to make a few PREVIEW decks but these are not the production decks.

Are these a limited edition?
– Yes…and no. We will print what we need for distribution of the KS and other orders once the campaign concludes. The tucks will be marked to identify this production run so that they can’t be confused with either the original decks, the preview decks, or any other version that may be printed in the future. Once this run is printed, we will not make any more that are exactly like this again.

What is the point if they aren’t identical with the originals?
– In the 50 years that the originals have been around they have become Iconic, but they have also become very collectible and expensive. This production serves two purposes. One, to bring the feel up to date for today’s tastes (they will be Thin Crushed), and to make them affordable enough for everyday use.

How much will the basic version cost?
– Not expensive! The main goal of this project is to get these cards into everyone’s hands and let everyone experience (and use) Authentic Jerry’s! The official retail price will be $12 per deck (this applies to the main versions – red and blue, thin crushed), and will have a special, discounted price on Kickstarter. Other versions for the Kickstarter will be announced later and will have different pricing.

Will there be any early bird specials?
– Oh yeah. You definitely want to be there first…

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