Just Three Days Until Launch! 

We’re ready. Are you?

Here is everything you need to know about pledge tiers before our campaign goes live.

There will be three types of pledge tiers available in the campaign:

  • Super Early Bird
  • First Day Specials
  • Regular Kickstarter Tiers

So, what are the differences between these three types of pledge tiers and how can you maximize your savings? We’ve outlined a bit more on each of these below.

*hint: you’ll want to be there on day one. 

Super Early Bird

The best discounts for the very first backers. Come early to make sure you snag one of these tiers!

Pledge tiers for the Super Early Bird will…

  • Be available in limited quantities: 50 – 100 per tier.
  • Have discounts of up to 60% off retail price!
  • Include one, two, and four brick options.

First Day Special

Discounted prices available the entire first day of the campaign!

Pledge tiers for the First Day Special will…

  • Be available for the first 24 hours 
  • Have discounts of up to 45% off retail price!
  • Include options of two decks (one red, one blue), as well as one, two, and four brick tiers.

Regular Kickstarter Tiers

Didn’t make it to back the campaign on the first day?

That’s okay! We’ve still got some great options for you.

Pledge tiers for the regular Kickstarter will…

  • Be available throughout the entire campaign! 

  • Have discounts of up to 30% off retail price!

  • Include options of single decks, two decks (one red, one blue), as well as one, two, and four brick tiers.

TL;DR – the BEST deals will be available to those who are the first to back our campaign! Set an alarm and make sure to be there the second we launch! 


We hope you’ll join us July 1st at 10 am EST when our Kickstarter campaign goes live.

See you Monday!
– The EPCC Team

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